Leanne Smith sings "Beauty" from New Dawn, a musical about a high school football captain whose life starts to fall apart around him. In the song, Kristin reassures herself that as long as you're pretty, you can get anything you want.


Chloe Search sings "Not The Type of Girl" from New Dawn. In the song, Stephanie breaks up with her boyfriend Travis, just as the pressures in her own life start becoming too great, despite him being the one thing she needs.

Tyler Egan and Chloe Search sing "Fly" from SUPER!, a musical about a young man with extraordinary abilities who must fulfill his destiny to become the hero the world needs him to be.


Tyler Egan and Aaron Michael Krueger sing "Put Up Your Dukes" from Brothers, a musical about two young men who must figure out how to grow up after losing their father overseas at war. In the song, John (Egan) teaches Frankie (Krueger) that you have to stand up for yourself and throw a couple of punches once in a while.


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